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Drinks That Don't Attract Wasps, And Other Essential Picnic Tips


When it comes to the perfect picnic, the devil is in the details... Here is our guide to having a enjoyable, and stress free picnic.

avoid unwanted visitors, naturally

Picnics often attract unwanted guests, in the form of bees and wasps. While we need to do everything to protect these VIP insects, which are essential part of the ecosystem, we can take steps to deter them! Wasps are attracted to sweet things, so keep sugary drinks sealed, desserts under wraps, and fruit covered. If a wasp does come by, don't kill it! Not only is this unecessary, but it will release a hormone that will attract other angry wasps. Instead, either let it go on its way, or gently trap it in a container for the duration of your picnic so it can't spread word of your picnic back to its nest. 

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