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These Ground Turkey STUFFED PEPPERS Really Hit the Spot!


Stuffed peppers are healthy, delicious, and surprisingly easy to make. Find out how to cook them today!

© Dear Chrissy

For a summer weeknight dinner, there's nothing better than a healthy dish that's colorful on the plate. With ingredients like fresh bell peppers and wild rice, these stuffed peppers make a substantial but heart-healthy meal. This recipe also swaps out ground beef for ground turkey, making it a leaner option for those of us who are trying to cut down on red meat!

© Dear Chrissy

Stuffed peppers are presented so nicely that many people don't realize how easy they are to make. All you have to do is deseed the peppers, prepare the filling, and stuff. Once you pop them into the oven, you're good to go!

From the sweet bell peppers to seasoned filling, ground beef stuffed bell peppers combine all kinds of flavors and textures in a way your tastebuds are sure to love.

Think you'll wanna give them a try? Check out the recipe here.

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VIDEO: Easy Carb-Free Pepper Toast


  • Pepper
  • Shrimp (already cooked)
  • Tzatzíki 
  • Coriander


Slice pepper and place slices in the toaster

Mix Tzatzíki and shrimp

Spread the mix onto the toasted pepper

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