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Kitchen HACK: How To Keep Guacamole Green For Days


Note: It doesn't involve lime juice or plastic wrap. Just one simple ingredient that doesn't cost anything!

Photo credit: My Latina Table

Few things are more frustrating than making a big batch of fresh, delicious guacamole and attempting to save the leftovers, only to find a goopy, unappealing brown mess when you take it out of the fridge later. All that wasted goodness is such a shame!

Unfortunately, the tried methods don't always hold true: squeezing extra lime juice on top, keeping the pit in or pressing a sheet of plastic wrap on top. They might work for a few hours in the fridge, but any longer than that, and you're left with that ugly brown layer on top. 

Not to mention, when making guacamole, you almost always have to make it immediately before serving, which can be tricky when you're hosting a party and trying to greet guests as they arrive. 

So what's the big secret to keeping guacamole green for up to THREE days?! 

The answer:

Photo credit: Exberliner

Water. Yes, really. Pouring a small amount of water atop your guacamole before storing in the fridge is one of the most effective ways to keep oxygen out (which is what causes the rapid browning). A half-inch layer of water is sufficient to keep your guacamole as good as fresh for up to three days. And don't worry, it won't take on a liquidy texture—when ready to serve again, simply pour off the water, stir up a bit, and it'll be just right!


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