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How to Recycle Leftovers


How to Recycle Leftovers


At the end of each meal, it's always the same situation: we gather up the leftovers, delicately place them in a clean Tupperware and meticulously put them in the fridge, with every intention of eating them tomorrow.


It's great to be able to have a meal the next day that doesn't require cooking.


But the problem with leftovers is that we often forget that we have them in the first place! Not to mention that more often than not, there just isn't enough to make an entire meal. 


So what do you do when you only have little bits and pieces of leftovers? You recycle. 


Don't know how? Then follow the guide below.


Leftover chicken:

Try this chicken and dumpling soup made with leftover chicken. 


Leftover rice:


Try your hand at rice balls, or make some fried rice.


Leftover pasta:


Any recipe for a classic pasta bake or casserole can be substituted with leftover pasta. 


Leftover stew:

Stewed meat is the perfect filling for tacos or enchiladas; you can easily shred the meat with a fork and add a bunch of fresh toppings like sour cream, cilantro and spring onions. 


Leftover fruit (that's a little bruised): 

Smoothies are a great way to use fresh fruit that's not looking its finest. 


Leftover bread:


The obvious choice is to make French toast. But you can also use crusty bread to make breadcrumbs or croutons. If you have leftover French bread then a nice idea is to slice it thinly, brush with olive oil and then grill for a few minutes in the oven. You can either rub these little toasts with fresh garlic, or use them to scoop up homemade tapenade or guacamole. 


Leftover cake (does anyone ever not eat the entire cake?):


Go out on a limb and make cake flavored milk. Just crumble the cake into small pieces, then soak it in cold milk for a few hours. Strain the milk, and then use it to make custard cream or English cream that tastes like cake! 


How to Recycle Leftovers


Do you have any great ways of recycling leftovers?

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