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10 Restaurants That Will Give You Free Food On Your Birthday


Because free food is the best food!

Instagram - @KrispieKreme

Instagram - @KrispieKreme

What if you woke up one day and a whole bunch of strangers gave you free food just for being born?
Plan your birthday right, and you can be inundated with tasty goodies... Every. Single. Year.

Baja fresh

Get in with Club Baja, and they'll give you a free burrito on your birthday.

Ben & Jerry's

Sign up to be a Chunk Spelunker — sounds gross, but that's what Ben & Jerry's call their followers — and you'll receive a free ice cream on your birthday!


Join the Chili's email club for a free birthday brownie sunday coupon, good for two weeks.


Become a part of Club Cinnabon and receive a coupon for a surprise "birthday treat!" 

Cold Stone

There's nothing better than free ice cream on your birthday... unless it's free ice cream for you and your friend! Well played, My Cold Stone Club.


Start your birthday off right: get a free full stack of pancakes on your birthday when you join the Pancake Revolution.

Krispy Kreme

Make friends with Krispy Kreme, and you'll get a free doughnut on your birthday.

Olive Garden

If you find yourself at Olive Garden on your birthday, you can console yourself by joining their E-club and getting unlimited breadsticks and a free dessert. 

P.F. Chang's

It's your birthday, and as part of P.F. Chang's Preferred you can choose between a free small plate, dim sum, or dessert... or cry if you want to.


Starbucks rewards members for being born with a free birthday beverage. Extra whip? Yes, please!

Do you know any others? Share your freebie secrets in the comments!

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