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If your watermelon looks like this, don't eat it!


This favorite summer fruit can hide a nasty surprise!

Watch out for these warning signs... 1/1

Watch out for these warning signs...

Watermelon has got to be one of our favorite fruits, especially when the mercury rises. It's fresh, delicious and contains plenty of water, vitamins, sugars and natural energy. 

Sound perfect, right? 

Unfortunately, some farmers, particularly in China have begun using a fertilizer that promotes growth accelleration. It is made with forchlorfenuron, and accelerates the division of the fruit cells, so that it grows faster. Some say that the compound is perfectly harmless, but others have raised concerns that it can cause skin problems and issues in the digestive system.

In China it is perfectly legal to use this fertilizer, despite the controversy it has caused, while in the United States it is used not only in watermelon, but in kiwifruit and grapes.

So how can you recognize it? Unfortunately it's not easy until you've already opened the fruit: watermelons that have been treated with the fertilizer tend to have pale flesh that is not as sweet as usual, many white seeds (instead of black ones) and cracked flesh. 

Otherwise, take care to check where your fruit is grown, and buy organic and local as much as possible. 


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