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5 Problems You Didn't Know Could Be Solved With VINEGAR


Finally, a natural solution to common cleaning problems.

Vinegar is useful both in cooking AND in everyday chores. Soon, vinegar will be an abolute MUST your list of household necessities. Read to find out how this common product can make your life easier.


When your iron begins to leave small debris on your garments, it's telling you that it's time to clean it and remove the limestone residue.

To do so, fill the inside of the iron with white vinegar and release the steam on a plate or baking tray.

The vinegar will evaporate and cleanse the dirt and other dust particles. Now your iron is good as new!


When your leather shoes have lost their shine, it's time to intervene!
Mix one cup hot water with 1/3cup vinegar. Pour the solution on a delicate cloth and use to clean your shoes.

The muck will wash away without harming your shoes, leaving them as shiny as they day you bought them.

This solution is much less expensive and far more effective than many of the brand-name cleaning products out there.
Creates a mixture that's 50% vinegar and 50% water. Then add some drops of lemon juice to leave a fresh smell. Use to wash your windows and other glass surfaces. This little trick will leave your home clean and shining!

Did you know that your keyboard is a haven for harmful bacteria? Some research even suggests that they're dirtier than a toilet seat. Gross!
Turn off your computer and clean the keyboard with a damp cloth soaked in vinegar. This will disinfect the keyboard and make it safe to use!


Even your dishwasher needs a nice clean every now and then!

Pour a glass of vinegar on the bottom of the dishwasher, NOT in the soap dispenser. Start a washing cycle at maximum temperature. This will give every corner of your machine a thorough cleansing!
If the vinegar odor remains, add a cold water rinsing cycle.

This is a very easy method to solve any food or limestone residue from your washing machine! Now your dishes and silverware will be  much cleaner the next time you use it.

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