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Death By...Whipped Cream? French Instagram Fitness Model Dies In Freak Accident


It's a story that sounds like something out of the Final Destination film franchise, centered around deaths caused by freak accidents. Only this popular social media personality's death might have been prevented.

La toute première journée de la semaine se termine ouf ????????____________________________________________________ Je suis plutôt contente car elle a été plutôt productive de mon côté???????? ____________________________________________________ J'espère que votre semaine a bien commencé et que vous êtes bien déterminés à utiliser les journées à venir comme il se doit pour vous rapprocher encore un peu plus de vos objectifs???????????? ____________________________________________________ Tenue : @womensbest

Une publication partagée par Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) le

Imagine one moment you're making dessert, the next you've gone into cardiac arrest after the whipped cream canister you're using suddenly explodes, and a piece of it strikes your thorax. That is the seemingly improbable yet completely true story behind the death of 33-year-old French Instagram fitness model Rebecca Burger. 

With more than 150,000 Instagram followers and more than 50,000 on Facebook, Burger was the picture of well-being, health and fitness in a country more commonly associated with rich, indulgent food and walking as the preferred form of exercise. 

Almost immediately following her death, the family posted the following message on Instagram with a photo of an exploded whipped cream canister:

"Here's an example of a whipped cream canister that exploded and struck Rebecca's thorax, which led to her death. To be clear: The canister that caused her death was sealed. Don't use this type of product at home! Tens of thousands of defective devices are still out there."

Voici un exemple de siphon à chantilly qui a explosé et percuté le thorax de Rebecca, entraînant son décès. Précision : le siphon qui a engendré sa mort quant à lui été mis sous scellé. N'utilisez pas ce genre d'ustensile chez vous ! Plusieurs dizaines de milliers d'appareils défectueux sont encore en circulation.

Une publication partagée par Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) le

The incident occured in the French town of Mulhouse, where an investigation has been opened by the prosecutor's office. The cause of death has not been officially confirmed, though a local Alsatian newspaper reported that Burger's heart was stopped when the accident happened. French paramedics were temporarily able to revive her, but she later died in the hospital.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first-known case in France of fatal casualties or bodily harm occurring because of faulty whipped cream canisters or other pressurized devices. French consumer group 60 Million Consumers claims that these types of products have been defective for years.* 

Burger's family announced the death of the social media fitness personality on Facebook and Instagram June 21. Fans immediately began posting grieving messages of disbelief and support for the bereaved family. 

One of Burger's most recent Instagram posts makes reference to her success and bright future with the following caption:

A beautiful day has come to an end.

Lots of trips to come and new projects.

Lately, I've been taking time to reflect on all that I've already accomplished and what I'm about to experience. I tell myself, life is good. 
We don't have any control over time, so make the absolute most of it.

Une belle journée s'achève ?????? • Beaucoup de voyages à venir et de nouveaux projets. • Il m'arrive de me poser en ce moment et de réfléchir à tout ce que j'ai déjà accompli et ce que je m'apprête à vivre ... Je me dis alors que la vie est belle???? • Nous n'avons pas de crédit sur le temps donc profitons-en pleinement ???? • Tenue:

Une publication partagée par Rebecca Burger (@rebeccablikes) le

The family has since decided to press charges for her death.


*NOTE: The products referred to in this article are limited to production in France and not sold elsewhere. Still, precautions should always be followed when using pressurized devices, no matter their origin.


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