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Easy Italian Classics You Can Master Now


Cook like an Italian grandmother... Here's how.

Spaghetti Carbonara — © Damn Delicious

Comfort food has never been easier. Recipe here!

The World's Best Lasagna — © Cupcakes & Kale chips

Ditch that flat-tasting, store-bought nonsense and make yourself something worth drooling over. Recipe here!

Homemade Minestrone — © Little Spice Jar

Why eat soup from a lonely can? This exquisite slow-cooker recipe will lift your spirits for days. Recipe here!

Pizza Margherita — © A Beautiful Plate

One bite, and you will never eat pizza from a cardboard box again. Recipe here!

Spaghetti Puttanesca — © Drizzle & Dip

Nothing in the fridge? Rustle up this flavorsome dish with the contents of you kitchen pantry! Recipe here.

Want more? Here are 50 Italian foods you have to try before you die!

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