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How to Feel Hungry LESS (According to Jessica Alba)


Forget calorie counting and diet pills. These tips will leave you feeling healthier and happier. No food drama necessary!

Take the first step and meet your four new friends:

Loved celebrating our @bewellbykelly new book on nutrition #bodylovebook @mollybsims @bewellbykelly @chelseahandler -link in bio to get the book -I wrote the forward!

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No, not those friends.

We're talking about the Fab Four: proteins + fats + fiber + greens.

At least, that's what nutritionist Kelly LeVeque calls them. She's helped celebrities like Jessica Alba and Chelsea Handler stay fit. She's also revolutionizing Hollywood's eating habits - and we're totally on board.

The Secret? Balance.

Unlike those crazy fad diets, LeVeque's advice is actually sustainable. Her goal isn't simply to help you to lose weight. She wants to lead you onto the path to a balanced lifestyle.

Because let's face it: we're human. When your blood sugar levels are all over the place, you can't rely on willpower alone to resist cravings. What you need is an environment that makes clean eating as easy - and as rewarding - as possible.

With LeVeque's credo, you can do just that. Just follow the Fab Four formula. That means that every meal you eat includes adequate proteins, fats, fiber, and greens. If you do this, you will stabilize your blood sugar curve and feel hungry less!

Where to Start

LeVeque runs a health consulting business called Be Well By Kelly. You can search for plenty of nutritious Fab Four recipes on their website! Even better: LeVeque just released a book called Body Love, where you can find more recipes and science-backed advice.

Jessica Alba most definitely approves. The actress and founder of the Honest Company openly advocates for clean eating. She even wrote Body Love's foreword!


Today is the DAY! #bodylovebook

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At Gourmandize, we believe that food should be kept fun and drama-free. That includes healthy eating - and we're glad that nutritionists like Kelly LeVeque agree.

So what do you think? Will you be incorporating the Fab Four into your diet from now on?


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