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11 Genius Ways To Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls


Bet you didn't think of this before!

Advent Calendar — © Morning Creativity

Not just for Christmas — you can use this advent calendar to reward yourself for accomplishments all year round.

DIY Phone Stands — © Creative Homemaking

Perfect for when you're cooking and need to keep a recipe open on your phone. Find out how to make it, here!

Colorful Pencil Holders — © Mommy Moment

We love the rainbow idea, but this project is infinitely personalizable.

Easy Party Crowns — © Craft and Creativity

This crafty activity will delight the 5 year-old girl in you!

Toilet Roll Ninjas — © Kids Activities Blog

Make a whole army of tiny ninja warriors, and host an epic battle at home.

Japanese Flying Carp — © Squirrely Minds

These will look gorgeous in your garden. Find out how to make them, here!

Bird Feeders — © Go Grow Go

Fill your yard with birds — all you need is a little peanut butter. Instructions here!

Tiny Gift Boxes — © Romanian Mum

Fill these cute little boxes with jewelry, party favors, chocolates... you name it!

Race Cars — © Kiflies Levendula

These are so charming, even the adults will want to play with them. Instructions here!

Biodegradable Planters — © Frugal Farm Wife

Start your tiny herb garden today... No excuses!

Toy Holder / Car Garage — © Bright Child

Never step on another stray plastic toy again. Instructions here!

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