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Carrots Didn't Use To Be Orange?! They Were Originally THIS Color...


You wouldn't believe what carrots used to look like... Take a look at these pictures!

What would you say if we told you that carrots used to be PURPLE?

Well, it's true.

Back in the day, the only carrots you would ever find were a shade of either yellow or purple. And although you probably won't find any color but orange at your local supermarket, this vegetable actually exists still today in a number of other colors: purple, yellow, black, red, and even white.

It all depends on where you look.

Carrots originated in the Persian region and spread from there both east and west. This is what resulted in their wide variety of types, as farmers from many different regions and cultures cultivated them in their own unique practices and environments.

Outside of the Western world, many of these other carrot colorations are not just available, but also quite popular!

So where did our orange carrot come from?

The carrot we know and love so well was first cultivated sometime around the 17th century in the Netherlands. At the time, the Dutch flag had orange in it, but whether or not that had anything to do with it remains a mystery.

Whatever the reason for its creation, this orange version spread across Europe and was brought overseas to the American colonies by European settlers.

And the history!


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