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Why add salt to desserts?


Salt is probably the most widely used ingredient in cooking. Though cooks always lean on salt to season savory dishes, it rarely makes in appearance in desserts - but adding salt to something sweet is the best way to amp up the flavor. 



Salt gives food a salty flavor only after using a significant amount. Before you reach the dose needed to make your food salty, salt actually helps to magnify flavors by sublty enhancing the natural taste of the ingredients. 


That's why when baking most recipes always call for a pinch of salt. It doesn't mean that your dessert will end up tasting salty, but that instead that luxurious chocolaty flavor of a mousse or the tartness of the rhubarb in your cake will be tasted tenfold.


Helpful hint: the rule for baking is to use 2 teaspoons of salt per 1/2 pound of flour. 


Don't forget that this rule applies to all desserts, not just to baking. Chocolate mousse, custard cream, jams, pies and cobblers all benefit from a pinch of this magical ingredient. 

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