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14 Foods That You Need To Make At Home


14 Foods That You Need To Make At Home

Without added sugars, processed ingredients, and other unrecognizable names on your food labels, homemade foods are just plain better. This list compiles ten of our favorite things to make at home. You’ll be surprised by how easy most of these actually are.


Your wallet and your health will thank you!


1. Almond Milk

Regardless of whether or not you drink dairy, almond milk is worth making! Soaked almonds, a blender, water, and some honey or vanilla extract is all you need. This recipe for Vanilla Almond Milk from Nom Nom Paleo is a great one to start with!


 Almond milk


2. Flour Tortillas (and tortilla chips for that matter)

These are so easy and fun to make that you'll be scratching your head wondering why you haven't tried them before. You can find a great recipe for flour tortillas here. 



3. Pesto Sauce

Great pesto only needs a few ingredients and comes together in just a few minutes! Try this recipe for a great homemade pesto.




Quit the store bought dressings and try these delicious homemade salad dressings instead! Stock a few bare essentials - mustard, lemon, vinegar, and oil - and you're set! 

Salad dressing


5. Gnocchi

 These little potato dumplings are fun to make and will wow your guests much more than store bought. Give these recipes a whirl!



6. Yogurt

Yes. You can make yogurt from scratch. It’s surprisingly easy and cheap (did we mention cheap?) To get you started, David Lebovitz has a great guide to making yogurt on his blog. Read it here. 



7. Vanilla Extract

With just vanilla beans and some alcohol, you can create your own blends of vanilla extract.  This tutorial from The Kitchn shows you how! 

 Vanilla Extract 


8. Jam

Jam is another one of those foods that seems to be only made by grandmas or great-aunts. But why not test it out? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to make jam on your stovetop. (And it also makes a great gift!) We love this raspberry and currant  jam. 




These are not just for the French! Yummy as a dessert or for an original breakfast, these crêpes will make your mouth water! 



10. Burger Patties

For those of you who grill your own burgers, good for you! For those of you haven’t yet, do it! And you can start with this recipe first. 




11. NutellA

Nutella has more than just chocolate and hazelnuts, so cut out those ingredients! Make a homemade version for less calories and more flavor. We love this recipe from A Beautiful Mess! 



12. Peanut Butter

Once you switch to natural peanut butter, you'll never go back to store-bought! Try this great recipe from Brown Eyed Baker! 

Peanut Butter



Can you say, “Yum”? Make this now. NOW! 

Apple sauce


What amazing recipes do you insist on making at home? 

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