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This TRICK will save you MONEY year-round


Struggling to keep your parsley fresh? Here’s the secret.

Parsley is one of the most used herb. With its fresh and unmistakable aroma, it’s often used to season everything from baked fish to homemade meatballs.

We can all agree that fresh parsley is much better than dry parsley, no matter what!

What happens when you forget to buy it? What do you do when it spoils?


Here's a little big trick to keep parsley at its best and use it when you need it!


In order to preserve the parsley, you’ll need:

- a parsley bunch

- foil

- Sharp knife and cutting board



  • Wash the parsley bunch well
  • Cut the leaves carefully and carefully away from the stems. It's best to only conserve the leaves.
  • Cut small pieces of foil or film, about four to five inches wide
  • Put parsley leaves in each piece of paper and wrap the packs, making sure not to crush it too much
  • Store in freezer until you need it


When you need fresh parsley, you will not need to thaw it beforehand. Simply unwrap it, chop it lightly with a knife (when the frozen leaves become fragile) and then add it to your meal

Unfortunately this trick does not work with whole parsley sprigs.


Now you know the secret. Get cooking!

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