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Never Buy Tomatoes Again! Here's How To Grow As Many As You Want At Home


Don't know what to do with your tomatoes once they're overripe, but don't want to wastefully throw them away? Here's how to turn them into full-fledged tomato plants.

It sounds crazy, right? Growing a tomato plant from...a slice?

But follow these steps and you'll see that it's really possible!

The Simple Technique

Tomatos have seeds inside of them, so you're already equipped with what you need to get started.

Slice the overripe tomato into into 4 slices. Fill a gallon-sized pot with soil and then place the 4 slices on top of the earth. Cover them with another layer of soil, then keep them well-watered and moist for the next several days. After about a week or'll start to see little seedlings pop up!

These seedlings will multiply in no time. Pick a few of the healthiest-looking ones and move them to another pot where they can grow with more space.

Pretty soon, you'll have a whole new batch of tomatoes ready to enjoy!


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