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The 10 Commandments for the Perfect Picnic


Summer may be over but the warm weather seems to be here to stay! Enjoy al fresco dining to the max by going on an autumn picnic!



Here are our 10 top tips for the perfect picnic, no matter the season.



1. Location, location, location!


When deciding on where to go for a picnic, make sure you find a place where you're protected from the elements. For a fall picnic, make sure that you can find shelter from the occasional rainstorm. In the summer, don't forget to pack sunscreen, hats and plenty of water. If you have kids, choose a place that has some sort of outdoor activities - though sometimes a simple soccer ball is enough.


2. Bring something to sit on


The Brits are the picnic champions. Watching them unfold chairs, tables and lavish picnic baskets is quite the spectacle! If you don't have picnic furniture, then an old blanket can work well too. Fleece is a great option since it's easy to wash and won't get damp from the grass. And if you're planning on taking an afternoon snooze, it might be a good idea to bring a pillow or two. 


3. Forget about paper plates


A while back picnics were synonymous with paper plates and plastic cups. But nowadays we are much more eco-friendly than before. So ditch the plastic cutlery and bring real plates, glasses and silverware. Not only is it cheaper, but it's also better for the planet. So why not bust out your overused, chipped plates that you haven't yet gotten around to throwing away? It's a great way to give them another chance, and no one will be too upset if a plate or two get broken. 


4. Think about recycling


When trying to figure out how to transport the food that you've prepared, consider using recycled containers. That old jam jar or takeout container can do a great job when it comes to packing food. 


5. Don't forget to chill the wine


It's a great idea to chill all refreshments beforehand and then bring along a cooler loaded with ice to keep them cold. Nothing's worse than a warm beer on a hot day!


6. Bring the necessities


A wine opener, a pocket knife, paper towels, napkins, a dish towel...all these things can make your life a lot easier and your picnic more enjoyable, so don't forget to pack them in your picnic basket.


7. Don't forget to bring a garbage bag!


There aren't always trash cans in the vicinity, so bringing a garbage bag will make cleanup a breeze. 


8. What's for lunch?


When it comes to a picnic, the key is keeping things simple. Prepare foods that don't require a lot of cutlery and can be eaten easily with a spoon. Salads are a great idea, as are sandwiches and soups (you can drink them directly out of a jam jar!).


9. Arm yourself with great picnic recipes, Like these:


Egg salad

Cold pasta salad

Deviled eggs with caviar

Crockpot chicken burritos

Veggie wraps


Melon raspberry fruit salad


10. Pack a thermos for hot drinks


No picnic is complete without a steaming cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or spiced cider! So make sure to pack a thermos so that your drinks stay piping hot!



Happy picnicking! 

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