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All About Rice


Rice originated in China anywhere from 8,200–13,500 years ago! Considered a cereal grain, rice has numerous varieties and can be used in a plethora of recipes ranging from Chinese, Spanish, Mexican cuisine and more!  


How to pick it

With the abundance of rice varieties, choosing the variety of rice depends on what cuisine or recipe you’re wanting to prepare.


Popular varieties:

Long grain white rice – most common in American kitchens and is extremely versatile. Use this fluffy rice with anything from casseroles to rice pudding.

Long grain Brown rice – brown rice is more nutrient dense than traditional white rice and has a chewier bite. Brown rice can be substituted for most white rice recipes.

Basmati – has a slightly nutty flavor and is used predominately in Indian and Pakistani cuisine.

Jasmine – originates from Thailand and has a distinctive floral aroma.

Japanese style rice – Used in sushi and is median grain. This sticky rice can also be served plain along with meals.

Bomba – a medium grain rice traditionally used in Spanish paella. This rice absorbs twice the liquid of long grain rice but doesn’t stick together.

Arborio – this variety is high in sticky starch called amylopectin giving this rice the creamy texture needed for risotto.

Wehani rice –created in the United States, this rice is a hybrid of basmati and brown rice. The chewy texture of this rice makes it a great choice for pilafs.

Chinese Black Rice – also known as “forbidden rice,” this variety cooks up chewy, plump and not sticky, making it great in pilafs or as a dramtic side because of its dark purple color.

How to store it

Rice can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container.


If you have purchased a large quantity of rice it is best to store in the freezer to avoid any pests who may want to lay eggs or it developing an off flavor because of exposure to light and air. 

How to prepare it

In most countries rice is rinsed before cooking. In the United States rice is fortified with additional vitamins like zinc, iron and vitamin A. If you prefer to rinse your rice, add rice to a sieve and rinse until the water runs clear.


Rice varieties vary in cooking time. It’s best to follow the instructions on the packaging.

Our favorite recipes:

Broccoli Chicken and Rice Casserole 

Spanish Rice 

Swedish Rice Pudding 

Fun Facts

Rice has been feeding the world for over 5,000 years!

Rice was thrown at wedding because it is a symbol of life and fertility

Over 40,000 different varieties are grown all over the world!

Antarctica is the only place in the world rice isn’t grown

Rice provides more than 1/5 of the calories consumed by mankind

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